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Item Details

The Yearbook is the print edition of the Exchange, our gardener-to-gardener seed swap. The Exchange was first published in 1975 when Seed Savers Exchange co-founders, Diane Ott-Whealy and Kent Whealy, along with 29 other individuals, decided to start sharing seeds of their most cherished, homegrown, garden varieties. The diversity within the Exchange has continued to grow every year since then. This edition features over 15,000 varieties of vegetables, fruits, grains, herbs, and flowers, many of which cannot be found anywhere else. Even more spectacular, each of these varieties is adapted to the region of its caretaker. This makes the Exchange a truly unrivaled source of one-of-a-kind seed. The Exchange is kept up to date and searchable online at www.Exchange.SeedSavers.org.

The Yearbook is printed annually. All seed enthusiasts, regardless of skill and background, are encouraged to participate in the Exchange by requesting seeds from our listers. Additionally, all are welcome to offer their own seeds. What new varieties will you add to your garden this year?

**Members of Seed Savers Exchange at the $50 level or higher are eligible to receive the Yearbook for free upon request. Members need only request the Yearbook once, after which they will be shipped a copy each year that your membership is active. Call 563-382-5990 or email membership@seedsavers.org if you are a member and would like to request your free copy. If you are not a member but would like to become one and receive additional benefits as well as a copy of the Yearbook, visit SeedSavers.org/Give.

  • Authors/editors: SSE Staff
  • 8 ½” x 11”
  • 500 pages
  • Paperback

***Previous editions were priced to include shipping, handling, and tax. Due to recent website and systems updates we have lowered the list price, and these fees will be added at checkout.

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Year book


I received your year book. I was a bit disappointed.
I was expecting the book to have pictures of the items described. Maybe when I receive the free catalog, it will have pics of the items I want to order. thank you for your service.
love your seeds :)

We are sorry to hear that you were disappointed with The Exchange Yearbook. Our Exchange Yearbook is and was designed to be a listing of our Exchange member's offerings (our gardener-to-gardener seed swap), kind of like a phone book...simple and basic. Some of the listings have photos you can view on the online version, https://exchange.seedsavers.org/ You are correct, our seedsavers.org catalog contains color pictures and our 2023 catalogs will be shipped out after Thanksgiving. Thank you!

2024 Yearbook


We love the 2024 SSE yearbook! There are so many varieties to choose from. I already requested seeds from a few people.