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Gardeners love our seeds—and that's just one reason why you'll be successful selling Seed Savers Exchange varieties in your store.

You'll benefit from outstanding products, a wide selection of time-honored favorites and hard-to-find varieties, superior customer service, and a strong brand identity.

Join the hundreds of garden centers, co-ops, gift stores, and others that have found success with the Seed Savers Exchange Seed Rack Program. If you meet the following qualifications, fill out the form, and let's get started growing together.

Minimum Qualifications for the Seed Rack Program

  • Must have a brick-and-mortar retail location that is open and accessible to the general public
  • Must have, submit, and maintain a valid tax identification number for the state in which you do business (for tax-exemption status)

Please note that we do not allow buying groups or private membership clubs in the Seed Rack Program. We reserve the right to approve or deny submitted applications.

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Yes, I meet the minimum qualifications for the Seed Rack Program! I'm interested in growing my business with Seed Savers Exchange:

"Seed Savers Exchange is an excellent product for our conscientious customers, and fortunately we have quite a few. Seed Savers Exchange also offers a wide selection of both staple seeds, and hard-to-find heirlooms. The customer service at Seed Savers is outstanding. They go out of their way to make us happy—and we are."

Whites Mill, Athens, OH