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Whirlygig Mix Zinnia Flower

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When one color won't do, these bicolor blossoms step in and stay put the blooms will last most of the summer. This vibrant mix is loved by butterflies, bees, and other beneficial insects and is also easy to grow. Performs well in borders and in arrangements.

  • Conventional
  • Annual
  • Beloved by pollinators
  • Easy-to-grow

Growing Instructions

Instructions - Sow seeds outdoors after last frost. Zinnias prefer well-drained average soil. Water regularly, keeping leaves dry. Remove spent blossoms frequently to prolong blooming.

  • Direct Seed: 1/8" Deep
  • Germination: 5-24 Days
  • Thin: 10-12" Apart
  • Light: Full Sun

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Delightful. Easy-to-grow. Great for bouquets.


There are always new-fangled Zinnias, trendy for the day. But, I feel this heirloom variety is unique.

Easy-to-grow, its unusual variety of bi-color blooms, like white w/pink, yellow w/orange, and red w/purple, are hard-to-find. They also match so well with the range of solid color Zinnias.

For me, the Whirlygig Zinnias are the perfect accent flowers to make one-of-a-kind bouquets for family & friends.

Beautiful flowers that do well in hot & humid East Texas


These Zinnia seeds had an excellent germination rate and the resulting plants did very well for me over the summer here in East Texas. I planted these zinnias in several flower beds around my house and the ones that I planted in full sun ended up making large, full bushes with lots of flowers on each plant. The ones that I planted in partial shade survived and had a few blooms on each plant but did not perform nearly as well as the plants in full sun. The flowers themselves are beautiful; some bicolor and some single color, very vibrant and a nice complimentary mixture of different colors. I will definitely be planting more of these flowers next year.

New favorite zinnia!


I grew these zinnias for the first time last year. They are a new favorite for bouquets. They really stand out. I had lots of complements on these flowers. I highly recommend them.

Buy again


The colors are stunning on mine. They don't bleed into each other but, each ring of color is a distinct vibrant section. I am buying more of these zinnia for next year.

Everything a flower should be


There are no downside to these zinnias. They grew so easily in our stony, hard New England soil and bloomed until a hard frost. No special fertilizer or insect control is needed for them. The Whirlygig mix is especially beautiful! I enjoyed seeing all the different colors as the blossoms opened. The pollinators like them, too.



These are amazing. I winter sowed them in zone 5b. The colors are gorgeous, & a variety of colors and shapes. I will definitely grow these again.

Best Zinnia


This is by far my favorite variety of Zinnia that I have tried to grow. A multitude of gorgeous flowers in a variety of shades and patterns. They get big enough to be the centerpiece of your border without getting too big. Slow to get going take off late summer. Zone 8A.