Raider Blue Delphinium

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This stunning bicolor perennial bears deeply lobed, dark-green leaves and, in summer, double lavender flowers with blue outer petals. Its showy flower spikes make it a popular choice for cottage-style gardens and cutting gardens. Plants grow to 5' and should be staked their first year. Note: Entire plant is poisonous.

  • Conventional
  • Double-lavender flowers with blue outer petals
  • Plants grow to 5 feet tall
  • Perfect for cottage-style or cutting gardens

Growing Instructions

Instructions - Sow seeds indoors 1/8" deep. Transplant outdoors after last frost. Can also be sown outdoors in early spring , one to two weeks after your last frost date.

  • Start Indoors: 6-8 weeks before last frost
  • Germination: 14-21 Days
  • Plant Outdoors: 24-36” Apart
  • Light: Sun/Partial Shade

Ratings & Reviews

8 reviews

Not germinating


So far I haven't had any luck with germination. I have tried not stratified and cold stratified methods. I generally have a high success rate with germination as I am fairly experienced. I will try direct sow in the fall. Really hoping I can get this plant to grow as it looks gorgeous.



I was really excited for these flowers. There were only 8 seeds in my pack (which was supposed to have 10), and only 3 of them germinated. Two are still alive, but less than 2 inches tall at over 2 months old. Maybe they will take off, but I am doubtful.

No germination


Tried these 2021. No germination. Since the other 2 reviews state the same problem, I am wondering if Seed Savers has any helpful information on why this is happening.

Seed Savers Response: Hi Kathleen, I'm sorry to hear that this seed did not meet your expectation for germination. We do test germination every year to make sure only the best seed leaves our location. Please reach out to our customer service team to be sent a replacement for this seed and planting tips.

Absolutely Gorgeous!


I started these inside in Spring of 2021 I believe. I don't recall doing anything special with them. I am a pretty experienced gardener, but I am a VERY lazy and inconsistent seed starter. So, I am pretty shocked that other people had problems with them, I have no idea why (I live in far Northern MI if that helps).
I got blooms on mine the first year (last year) and they bloomed on and off for over 3 months this year. I didn't cover the plants over the winter and have 3 huge plants that came from my one packet of seeds last year. I probably had more seeds germinate and neglected them, it happens. I wish I could attach photos to this review, the flowers are unreal. I have never seen something with that color blue blooming in a garden. Take a chance on them! If I can do it, seriously anyone can.

Poor germination


Very poor germination. I bought two packets of 10 seeds (and I think there were some extra in there). Out of the ~30 seeds I started, only 4 came up. Unfortunately, the other reviewers were right. I'm not sure what went wrong, I followed the instructions on the seed packet as far as planting depth and all that. I tried placing them on heat mats, I tried placing them somewhere cooler in case they actually liked it cooler. I also stored these seeds in the freezer for weeks leading up to planting. Very disappointing.

I started hundreds of other types of flowers in the same environment with major success, this was the only seed I tried to grow that seemed to fail me.

Love Seed Savers, but wouldn’t recommend these delphiniums.


Bought 4 pkgs after reading about the low germination. Did my homework on germinating delphinium seeds. Have been gardening 45 yrs, never problems germinating seeds. Have greenhouse/controlled environment. Didn’t even get 5% germination rate. Ordered speciality delphinium seeds from another place, and got over 90% germination.

Slow roller


Zero germination thus far Spring 2023 :(

Cold Stratify for Great Germination


Beautiful flowers!!! Great germination, for the people with poor germination, please be sure you cold stratify the seeds first as delphiniums really require this for great germination. I think the seeds are a bit pricey for only 10 seeds, but the flowers are absolutely beautiful.