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Peking Ta Ching Kou Pai Tsai Asian Green

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This prolific, easy-to-grow Asian green is a Seed Savers Exchange favorite. The greens can be prepared like any other brassica greens, such as collards and kale. Growing to more than three feet tall, this variety bears lovely, large purple leaves that have an ornamental quality as well as great taste. 45 days to maturity.

  • 45 days
  • Organic
  • Ornamental and delicious

Growing Instructions

Instructions - Sow seeds outdoors after danger of frost has passed to prevent premature flowering. Can also be planted in late summer for a fall crop. Seeds will germinate in 4-7 days. Plant in full sun to partial shade.

  • Direct Seed: 1" Apart
  • Seed Depth: 1/4"
  • Rows Apart: 18"
  • Thin: 6-12" Apart

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Beautiful, strong plants. Delicious, earthy greens. Grew great in zone 7 cool season (Mar) with a few days under cover to protect from frosts. Went to flower end of May when it got hot, but plants were very productive until then.

Fantastic Fall Garden Green


This plant will always have a place in my garden, particularly my fall garden. I direct sowed the seeds at the end of August, in the shade of tomato and cucumber plants, along with arugula and mizuna I ordered from this site. The plants have performed superbly. They are now about a foot tall, after harvesting the large leaves twice already for salads. Late August and September heat did not affect them, and they appear even more vigorous after our first light frost on 10/05/20. They seem to be impervious to our fall garden pests as well. The arugula that it was companion planted with has been eaten up by flea beetles, and my other brassicas have been hounded by cabbage white butterflies, cabbage loopers, and grasshoppers, yet these plants have not been touched. I'm not sure if they produce a metabolite that insects dislike, but I can always count on this plant providing beautiful and delicious leaves.

Triple Threat Asian Greens


Very decorative with purple leaves on 2 1/2' tall plants, but also quite delicious and productive. Grows well in LA as a fall crop and is producing well into January. Very happy about how insect free this brassica has been. No holes in the leaves. I'll be growing this again!

Tastiest greens!


These are just the most delicious greens. I discovered them through the Spicy Salad Mix and now I'll be ordering them standalone. Yum!