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Igleheart Yellow Cherry Tomato

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Winner of 2015 Seed Savers Exchange Tomato Tasting. When the parents of James Igleheart of Indiana lived in Connecticut around 1960 they received these seeds from their Italian gardener. James’ wife, Diane, serves the tomato to guests and encourages them to save the seed and plant it. Yellow cherry tomatoes with a sweet, rich flavor and moderate acidity.

  • 70-80 days from transplant
  • Organic
  • Indeterminate - Fruit ripens throughout the season
  • Winner of the 2015 SSE Tomato Tasting
  • Yellow cherry tomatoes with a sweet, rich flavor and moderate acidity

This cocktail tomato is best eaten fresh. Serve with a dip or stuff with fresh cheese.

Growing Instructions

Instructions - Sow seeds indoors ¼" deep. Tomatoes are sensitive to freezing temperatures, so wait to transplant outdoors until the soil is warm. Plant in full sun.

  • Start Indoors: 6 weeks before last frost
  • Germination: 7-14 Days
  • Plant Outdoors: 24-36” Apart
  • Support: Cage, stake, or trellis

A Must-Have in your Garden


I've been growing this tomato for 4 years and it never ceases to amaze me how productive it is. I always have extra to share. The plants are huge when fully grown, which I wasn't expecting the first year I grew it! Big tomato cages are too small to contain the long vines! Once they've grown out of their cage I drape the vines over other cages so they don't sit on the ground. Planning on coming up with a better system this year.
Flavor is slightly sweeter and less acidic than the average tomato. A favorite of my toddlers! Easy to seed start. You won't be disappointed with this one!

Super productive, and a great snacking tomato


I agree with the other reviewer - these are the easiest super-productive tomatoes to grow. They also grow easily from previous year's tomato seeds that fell to the ground, haha.

I've grown these in middle GA and now in NW florida. I'm trying the single stem method to keep them from growing out of control. They are the first tomatoes in our garden to produce fruit.



I was very happy with the way these came out. I thought they were going to be too large for a cherry, but it turns out they are the perfect cherry size. Smaller than the black/white cherry varieties. Excellent snacking tomato and I included it in my Caprese. I think this is my new favorite cherry tomato. I grew it as a single stem and was picking by Mid July. Zone 6.

Best Tomatoes ever!!!!


amazing! They grew soooooo tall!! The tomatoes that grow are the best tasting tomatoes i have ever had. They grew so tall i ended up using netting stapled to the top of my house so that it had support to grow. I will keep growing these beautiful tasty tomatoes.

Small yellow fruits


Zone 5b IL. This variety produced a lot of small yellow fruits, much smaller than your typical cherry tomato. They did not have much flavor when fresh, and became very bitter when roasted. I will not be planting this again.

Very Small Fruits... Orange-Colored when Fully Ripe


The tomatoes were reasonably abundant + quite juicy, distinctly tomato-ey flavored, but **VERY** small and perhaps more savory than sweet. (Several friends + neighbors grew them, too—and everyone had similar results, fruits almost as petite as currant tomatoes.) Caveat: They seem very tart at first... but here's what we finally figured out: Let them ripen (on or off the vine) until they're almost **orange.** (The "yellow" part of the name could trick you into eating them too soon!)

High Yield, Sweet Fruit


These are super productive (had a hard time keeping up!) and tasted delicious. Sweeter than the usual tomatoes, these produced well into September for me. As someone who has a hard time eating tomatoes (just not my favorite Veggie), I found myself eating these off the branch. Also sauteed well. Neighbor kids even "stole" some off the plant :)

Plan on planting again next season.

Zone: 6b
Garden: Raised Beds

Good, not great


IA 5A. Agree with other reviews -- very productive. Good yellow tomato flavor, not particularly special. One negative: does turn into a monster, sprawling plant -- even regular attempts at pruning didn't keep it controlled. It can take easily over other tomato cages planted nearby. One other downside is I found the fruit very easy to damage when picking. But there are so many of them, you can just snack on those.

Fantastic variety with great taste!


These are a fantastic cherry tomato to add to your garden. We sell some of our veggies to our neighbors, and she said this variety was a gold star. We trellis our tomatoes, so this worked great in picking/growing. Favorite part of this variety is very little, if none, of the tomatoes fall to the ground. If left on too long, they will start their rotting on the vine, not on the ground. So, this makes a winner of clean up in the fall! Highly recommend!



Yes, grow it

Seeds never came up


I bought a packet of seeds, planted them in my greenhouse, not one seed cane up! All the other seeds I planted have come up except these seeds! Do you sell the plants? If so where can they be purchased!

Seed Savers Response: We are sorry to hear that your seeds didn't germinate as expected. We do have all our seeds germination tested to try and prevent this from happening. Please reach out to our customer service team so that we can get this situation corrected. Also, we did not offer transplants this year so these are not available from us in that form.

These tomatoes are sweet, delicious and do not fall off the plant.


I highly recommend this one. I had mounds of cherry tomatoes from just 6 plants that I grew easily from seed under lights in my husband's shed. I love the way they stay put on the plant until I am ready to harvest them. I live in zone 7a and had tomatoes well into October . The variety I grew last year fell off and had a mushy texture. These are sweet and delicious. Great sauteed with garlic over pasta as well as fresh.

So yummy!


I grew these in middle/north GA. They are the best tasting cherry tomatoes I've ever grown, and it goes without saying, better than anything in the store.

Delicate but delicious


Very pretty, short and sprawling plant with bunches full of tiny, golden tomatoes. Very sweet. They have a tendency to split when you pick them, so you end up with a lot to enjoy immediately while harvesting.

Not a good producer in zone 9b


We grew these in zone 9b and got lots of lush foliage but barely any fruit. I guess it's just too hot here for this variety.

Quite the Quantity


Holy moly! I planted these last year and the plant got huge! I left for a week vacation and when I came home I couldn't keep up with how much it produced. These were just the right amount of sweet. Perfect for snacking while in the garden!

You only need to buy seeds once!


Zone 6A Indiana. We've had these in our garden for 3 years. The first year, it yielded so well I gave up on trying to pick them all. I left the vines alone(mostly due to laziness on my part) all winter and the unpicked ones fell to the ground. In the spring, I was a couple weeks away from putting out my new seedlings when I noticed I had tens of volunteers coming up where these were the year before. The volunteers looked better than my seedlings, so I gave the seedlings away. I have now done this a second year and had a second volunteer crop. They may not come up exactly where you wanted them but they get bigger, hardier, and healthier every year. This last year(2023) they even survived a couple of light frosts into the fall and were still producing into the first of October. Highly recommend them if you want to do nothing except pick the tomatoes.

Crabbed seedlings


Hoping things improve, but the seedlings are uniformly crabbed and stunted -- seeds planted five weeks ago are still only around 3" tall, very small leaves with an odd crabbed habit. Have not grown this variety before. Other varieties are doing well in the same soil & pots. Hope things improve with them.