Hinkelhatz Pepper

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Cultivated by the Pennsylvania Dutch since the mid-1880s; name translates as “chicken heart.” Traditionally used for pickling and making pepper vinegar. Small fruits (¾" wide by 1-2" long) ripen from green to glossy red.

  • 80-90 days from transplant
  • ±5,600 seeds/oz
  • Organic
  • Hot pepper
  • Fruits grow to 1-2 inches long
  • Fruits ripen from green to glossy red

This variety works for:

  • Fresh eating
  • Salsa
  • Pickling
  • Drying

This pepper is: HOT

Wear rubber gloves when processing hot peppers and do not touch your eyes. If you are sensitive to the heat, make sure to wear a mask over your mouth and nose and protect your eyes.

Try adding this pepper to salsa recipes. You can also try making your own hot sauce with these peppers. Sauté them with olive oil, garlic, onion and salt, and after about 4 minutes add 2 cups of water. Heat the mixture for 20 minutes and then allow it to cool to room temperature before pureeing it in a food processor and adding vinegar.

Growing Instructions

Instructions - Sow seeds indoors ¼” deep. Peppers germinate best in warm soil, so gentle bottom heat may be helpful until seedlings emerge. Wait to transplant outdoors until soil is warm.

  • Start Indoors: 8 weeks before last frost
  • Germination: 14 Days
  • Plant Outdoors: 12-24” Apart
  • Light: Full Sun

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Finally found the best hot pepper for my needs!


I have finally found "The" hot pepper for me. Generally speaking, I like sweet peppers, but I like a little zing in many dishes. Most of the hot peppers I've grown over the years to use to add that heat into my cooking are overpowering and just add a lot heat without bringing much else to the table. This little pepper packs a heat punch on its own, but mixed with some sweet peppers and garlic makes a fabulous fermented hot sauce. Under all that heat is also a fantastic pepper flavor that I enjoy in other dishes. The plant itself has been putting out 3 or 4 ripe peppers per day for a few weeks. Its incredibly healthy and vigorous. I do live in Pennsylvania Dutch country, where they were developed, so they are perfect for my conditions. They also keep very well on the counter until I'm ready to use them in something. I'm going to dehydrate some and powder them to use all winter. I will be growing this every year from now on!