German Chamomile

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Native to Europe, Africa, and Asia, chamomile has foliage and flowers with such a pleasant fragrance that for centuries these plants have been allowed to self-sow along the edges of paths and walkways where their fragrance can be enjoyed. This herb’s graceful plants are 12-20" tall with endless maSeed Savers Exchanges of 1" attractive, daisy-like flowers that can be used to make tea.

  • Conventional
  • Annual plant
  • Plants grow to 12-20 inches tall
  • Fragrant, daisy-like flowers grow to 1 inch

Growing Instructions

Instructions - Sow seeds indoors on surface of soil. Transplant outdoors in early spring just before last frost. Chamomile prefers well-drained sandy soil and self-sows freely.

  • Start Indoors: 8-10 weeks before last frost
  • Germination: 7-14 Days
  • Plant Outdoors: 8” Apart
  • Light: Sun/Partial Shade

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Self-seeding is it's superpower


I planted this in zone 5b last year (2020) for the purpose of making tea. Well, I never made the tea but I enjoyed the flowers. However, I decided to write a review because I am amazed at how well it self seeded. I have one plant in the ground about to flower and two pots that are carpeted with new plants. I plan on getting a lot of tea this year

Put it in a nursery pot on top of soil at your own risk


1) Diatomaceous earth (food grade type) helps to organic grow this where aphids are a problem. You must reapply it after heavy rains.
2) Needs divided after the first year, which benefits the bushy plant, which needs airflow between each plant.
3) It self-reseeds by air and rhizomes. I had to prevent it from creeping into my neighbor’s yard.

It is more perennial in my Ohio yard than Roman chamomile and a whole lot prettier to grow. It’s frequented by moths, tiny bees and I think even flies, so that’s why once cut it gets hot water washed before I dry any of it in a mesh hanging rack.

I went to move a nursery pot of this once in my little flower garden, and realized I couldn’t (my chamomile had sent rhizomes out though the bottom holes). I nearly killed plants of it to fix that issue.