Fin de Bagnol Bean

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This historic French string bean bears delicious, slender pods and does well in cool soil. This variety’s tiny gourmet green beans are best eaten when picked every 2 or 3 days, while still very young and before any strings develop.

  • Conventional

This variety works for:

  • Fresh eating
  • Steaming
  • Roasting
  • Canning

This variety is one of the best beans for fresh eating, but harvest them every 2-3 days when they are very young and before their strings develop! You can add them to salads or serve them with dip or hummus as an appetizer.

Try using them for spicy refrigerator pickled beans or canning them in the summer for a winter treat. Their uniform, straight pods make for easing packing in canning jars.

Growing Instructions

Instructions - Sow seeds outdoors after danger of frost has passed and soil and air temperatures have warmed. Harvest frequently for increased yields.

  • Direct Seed: 2" Apart
  • Seed Depth: 1"
  • Rows Apart: 36-48"
  • Light: Full Sun

Wouldn’t recommend


Did very poorly. Many didn’t germinate, and the rare few that did never grew taller than a foot and a half. Got maybe 10 beans from 4 plants. Maybe a bad batch.

Great Tasting Beans, Sporadic Germination and Growth


About half of the plant beans had issues with germination, and what did grow had very limited growth. Unsure if my conditions warranted this or not. In zone 6B



I grew these years ago and loved them. This year only about 25% germinated and didn't yield well. I thought it was my new garden spot or cool spring, but perhaps not after reading other reviews.

Stellar flavor!


Stellar flavor and good production. I grew another more productive filet bean and we compared flavor... this one won hands down.

a great bean for Maine conditions


I put these in as a late summer second crop here in Midcoast Maine, (maybe in August?) and they have been fantastic. I just pulled them out today (Oct 5) because they were slowing down and were shading the carrots I seeded under them. Very productive, tasty, tender beans. When I pulled up the first two plants, the roots were loaded with nitrogen-fixing nodules, so I just cut them off at the soil after that, let the bacteria stay in the ground (I had not pre-treated the seeds before planting). The beans dehydrate well, stay a nice green if you use a low setting on the dehydrator. We're eating them for snacks. I plan to plant these again next year.

no good for hot, dry Texas


Germinated poorly and grew even worse for arid West Texas (zone 8). I assume it could not tolerate our heat and moved on to Rattlesnake beans which loved our heat and sun!