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Item Details

Gold Medal Tomato [Beefsteak]

From Ohio tomato collector, Ben Quisenberry, who described it in his 1976 catalog: “The sweetest tomato you ever tasted. The yellow with streaks of red makes them very attractive and a gourmet’s joy when sliced.” Our finest bi-colored tomato—orange-yellow splashed with red. Winner of the 2008 Seed Savers Exchange Tomato Tasting. Indeterminate, 75-90 days from transplant.

Mexico Midget Tomato [Cherry]

This prolific variety bears hundreds of ½-¾" dark-red cherry tomatoes on each plant over a long growing season. Fruits have huge tomato flavor despite their diminutive size and are great for salads or for use by market gardeners because of their productivity. Indeterminate, 60-70 days from transplant.

Jalapeno (Traveler Strain) Pepper [Hot]

From Seed Savers Exchange member Larry Pierce of Cabool, Missouri. Named Traveler because Larry carried this seed with him when he moved to Oklahoma, Wyoming, and then Missouri. Sturdy plants covered in cylindrical fruits that average 3" long. Fruits ripen from green to bright red. 70-90 days from transplant.

Ancho Gigantea Pepper [Medium Hot]

The heat lingers. Offered in 1935 by Joseph Harris & Company of Coldwater, New York who reported, “If you want a large hot pepper, try the new Hot Portugal. The best hot pepper we know.” Sturdy upright plants produce very heavy yields early in the growing season; the glossy, vivid-red elongated fruits grow 6” or longer. Peppers can be used fresh but also dry well. 65-75 days from transplant.

Green Husk Tomatillo

Also known as Mexican Husk Tomato, this variety grows in prolific bushy plants that are 3-4' across and almost as tall. Green 2" fruits are ripe when they burst through husks. Blend fruits with hot peppers to make the traditional Mexican green sauce known as salsa verde. 70-80 days from transplant.


(Coriandrum sativum) The fresh leaves of this herb, commonly known as cilantro, are used in a variety of Asian and Latin cuisines, but its seeds are also collected and used as a spice called coriander. Successive sowings of this annual herb, which bears umbels of white flowers before it sets seed, will ensure a steady supply of its edible leaves throughout the season. 50-55 days to first leaf harvest, 90-120 days for seed. Annual, 1-2' tall.

  • Conventional
  • Grow your own salsa, straight from your own garden. Mix and match tomatoes and peppers and find your signature combination.
  • Collection contains one packet of each variety:
  • Gold Medal Tomato (50 seeds)
  • Mexico Midget Tomato (50 seeds)
  • Jalapeno Traveler Strain Pepper (50 seeds)
  • Challeano Pepper (25 seeds)
  • Green Husk Tomatillo (25 seeds)
  • Cilantro (250 seeds)

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