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Burgess Buttercup Squash

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Introduced in 1952 by Burgess Seed & Plant Co. This is a bush version of the original Buttercup variety introduced in 1931. Flattened dark green turbans with a distinctive button on the blossom end. Typical fruits weigh 3-5 pounds. Super sweet brilliant orange flesh with very fine eating qualities. Rind is thin but very hard, medium length keeper.

  • Organic
  • Turban-shaped fruits with distinctive button on the blossom end
  • Winter squash
  • Fruits weigh 3-5 pounds
  • Super sweet brilliant orange flesh
  • Medium length keeper in storage

This variety works for:

  • Steaming
  • Baking
  • Roasting
  • Soups
  • Pie
  • Storage

To prepare your squash, rinse the exterior and then cut in half and remove the seeds before baking, roasting, etc.

Winter squash can be pureed and sweetened as an addition to breads, muffins, cakes and pies. Diced and roasted squash can be tossed in warm salads of grains and nuts or with sautéed kale.

Summer squash are best eaten when they are small and the seeds are immature. Sliced thinly, summer squash are used in gratins and savory pies or sautéed or breaded and fried.

Growing Instructions

Instructions - Sow seeds outdoors in 12" diameter hills after danger of frost has passed. Hills should be spaced 6' apart in all directions. Can also be started indoors 3 weeks before transplanting out.

  • Direct Seed: 1" Deep
  • Seeds to Hill: 6-8 Seeds
  • Thin: To 3-4 Plants
  • Light: Full Sun

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One of my favorites


Grew in southwest wi this past summer. Great flavor and yield. And has stored really well into the winter. Will definitely grow again

early producer


One of the first winter squash to flower and set in my garden. Several squash per vine. I trellised on cattle panel and used pantyhose hammocks to support ripening squash. Savory squash, small manageable size.