Aunt Mary's Corn

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Once promoted as “the best white sweet corn in the world,” this hardy mid-season variety bears one to two ears on stalks that reach 7-8"" long. Plants grow 6-8' tall and produce ears with large kernels that, when cooked, have a creamy consistency and range in sweetness by ear. Named for Mary Atkinson of London, Ohio, this variety is believed to have been stewarded by the Atkinson family since before 1850; it was donated to Seed Savers Exchange in the early 1980s by W.W. Williams

  • 70-85 days
  • Organic
  • Plants grow 6 - 8 feet tall and bears ears reaching 7 - 8 inches long
  • Ideal for freezing and fresh eating
  • Sweet corn

This variety works for:

  • Fresh eating
  • Freezing

Gardeners familiar with hybrid sweet corn may need to adjust their palates to the savory, rich flavor of heirloom sweet corns. Nevertheless, these ears are delicious boiled or grilled with butter and salt.

Try adding fresh dill, cilantro, lime, cracked black or white pepper, or chili flakes to your corn.

Growing Instructions

Instructions - Sow seeds outdoors 1” deep after danger of frost has passed. For good pollination and full ears, plant in blocks of 3-6 rows instead of one long row. Thin seedlings to 8” apart. Corn is a heavy feeder and does best in well-drained, fertile soil with plenty of water.

  • Direct Seed: 4" Apart
  • Germination: 4-21 Days
  • Rows Apart: 36-48"
  • Light: Full Sun

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First time growing this corn, very nice , reminds me of silver queen ,i have a feeling we will be saving seeds and going away from the hybrids.

So sweet and delicious you'll eat it raw


Grew very well. Absolutely delicious. Most of the time I ate it raw right off the cob. no need for anything else. Just shuck and eat.



I grew Aunt Mary’s Sweet Corn from SSE back in the 80’s and my young children would pick and eat right off the stalk. Large full ears then. This variety did not do well at all, smaller and not well filled out. Not nearly as sweet as previous variety.

Good, heirloom corn like we used to eat.


Grew other corn in the spring and wanted to try a single 100 seed packet of Aunt Mary's. We ate it this weekend after planting in mid summer in SC. We were pleasantly surprised. Sweet and tasty, but not supersweet like some of the new corns. We will be planting more this next year for sure. Good stuff.

Surprisingly good in 2022


We've been trying to go completely heirloom but hadn't had luck with corn. But Aunt Mary's did wonderful. A little slower germinating but then it grew in wonderfully. Nice full kernels, good sized ears. Sweet but not sugary sweet like a lot of the new breeds. Good raw, roasted or boiled. Unfortunately, the squirrels loved it too.