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SSE 2023 Catalog (Canadian Residents only)


Item Details

Item Details

The new 2023 Seed Savers Exchange catalog offers more than 600 open-pollinated varieties, including hundreds of organic seed varieties and unique varieties straight from our seed bank—as always, non-GMO. Order your catalog today and help keep heirloom seeds where they belong, in our gardens and on our tables.

  • 19 new varieties, including limited-edition varieties from our seed bank
  • Delicious, easy-to-make recipes from chefs, supporters, and co-ops across the country
  • Growers’ guide and helpful advice
  • Best sellers and other proven varieties to help you reap a successful harvest

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Sad for Canadian customers


I used to be so excited every year to be able to thumb through this beautiful catalogue. They used to ship to Canada for free and I thought that was awesome as they ship within the states for free. Then they started charging a few years back. Now with the exchange rate its over $16, then if you want to order any of the seeds of course your paying again USA prices plus exchange. It's has made it not worth it. Its really sad and I wish they would consider going back to free Canadian catalogues.

Sadly moving on....


Really sad that I used to be an avid customer, received a catalog yearly, and ordered seeds every year. Now, since Seed Savers Exchange is charging Canadians $16 for their catalogs, I have to find another source to buy my seeds. I don't understand why Canadian customers that have been regulars for a few years should be charged. Oh well, I will shop elsewhere now.

Charging Canadians for the catalogue is very disappointing


After a few years of having to take a break from gardening, it was very disheartening to return to find that Seed Saver's Exchange is now charging Canadians so much for a catalogue that was once free. I could understand perhaps charging a few dollars for shipping, but for the catalogue itself? Sadly, I have been moved to purchase seeds elsewhere

**Violetta, we are happy to hear that you are back from a break from gardening! We have been charging for Canadian catalogs for many years due to the high cost of mailing internationally. You can always review our offerings on our website and/or review our digital catalog.