St. John's Wort

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Highly esteemed medicinal herb since ancient times. Widely used as an herbal treatment for depression. Shrubby plant with yellow flowers. Grows 12-16" tall and flowers early.

  • Conventional
  • Perennial plant in zones 4-8
  • Plants grow to 12-16 inches tall
  • Shrub-like plants
  • Yellow flowers bloom early

Growing Instructions

Instructions - Sow seeds indoors just beneath surface of soil. Do not exclude light as this helps germination. Transplant outdoors 2-3 weeks before last frost.

  • Start Indoors: 8-10 weeks before last frost
  • Germination: 15-25 Days
  • Plant Outdoors: 18" Apart
  • Light: Sun/Partial Shade

Ratings & Reviews

3 reviews

Never sprouted


Never sprouted

Oh no! That is not something we want to happen with our seeds. In the future, please contact us as soon as something funky is happening with your seeds so that we can help determine what may be happening and/or send you replacement seeds at that time.

That said, we will send you a fresh pack to try again this year.

Excellent First year experience.


I started the seeds later than recommended in 2022. They did well under growlights- once they sprouted. Once I planted them out in mid June, they got well established with some weeding assistance. They grew to 10" high. I'm looking forward to more growth and maybe flowers in year two.

An easy start


Started mine indoors under grow lights. Sprouted well, transplanted in various locations to see where they like best. They’re still small but taking off as Spring progresses. They seem to be doing as well in one location as another. So far, so good. Will upgrade the stars after seeing how they ultimately perform.