Climbing French Bean

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Tough, Stringy Beans


They are very productive beans. However, they are not tender beans and they are not stringless. I canned them hoping that would help tenderize them a bit, but I was wrong. I would never plant these again.

I would suggest planting varieties such as Contender, Provider, or Top Crop beans which are tender, stringless, great for fresh eating as well as canning.

Delicious flavor


These beans are delicious. They have a very sweet, juicy, crunchy texture. They vine, which means they need a trellis (mine was about 3' wide by 5' high), but it's worth the effort. They were disease free all year. Please note, they can get a little tough, so make sure to harvest them while they're young and flexible. If you let them ripen they produce beautiful, deep brown-maroon beans. I'll definitely be growing these again.