Cardinal Climber

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The bright cardinal-red flowers of this vine bloom from early summer until frost and are handsomely contrasted by finely cut emerald-green leaves. While this climber is loved by gardeners, it is also irresistible to hummingbirds and has been cultivated since the 1800s. The vigorous vines will climb 10-15' if given room on trellises and arbors and are well-suited to being grown in containers. Half-hardy annual. Although frequently visited by hummingbirds, the plants, seeds, and foliage of this variety are all poisonous—please use caution.

  • Conventional
  • Half-hardy annual plants
  • Please note: The Arizona Department of Agriculture prohibits the sale of any plant in the genus of Ipomoea, which includes Cardinal Climber flower.
  • Bright red blooms and emerald foliage
  • Vines will grow to 10-15 feet on trellises or arbors
  • Will grow in containers
  • Irresistible to hummingbirds

Growing Instructions

Instructions - Plant seeds outdoors after the last frost. Seeds can be slightly chipped and soaked in warm water for 24 hours before planting for better results. Prefers full sun and moist average soil.

  • Direct Seed: 1/2" Deep
  • Germination: 15-21 Days
  • Thin: 4-6" Apart
  • Support: Trellis or Arbor

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Sure to delight


This direct sow is a little more tricky to get started, although I find it easier to get going than the cypress vine. The flower is a smaller but bright red delight. The local Bumble bees love it and it even attracted hummingbirds! I loved it for helping to provide a bit of privacy by filling in my chain link fence.
A proper pollinated head will produce 1-4 seeds-which are quite easy to collect.

Dainty red climbers


Planted deep in my garden setting. Delicate red flowers, beautiful in their way, but not at the back of the borders.

Hummingbirds love this


Planted seeds directly into several planters on deck w/full sun and had great germination! Hummingbirds galore...all day flitting from one plant to the next. Hung my Hummingbird feeder next to one of the plants but they prefer flowers. Drought here so plants wilted many times but came right back with watering.. So glad to have found this flower they love + hope it keeps flowering til they start to migrate in `20 -30 days.

Attracts hummingbirds


I have been planting these for the past 3 years and they sure can climb! They certainly attract hummingbirds, which is a great sight to see in Chicago