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Black Knight Pincushion Flower

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These stunning, dark-maroon flowers have enchanted gardeners (and bees and butterflies) since the early 1600s in England, when the variety was called ‘Blackamoor’s Beauty’ and ‘Mournful Widow.’ The honey-scented flowers have blooms that measure from 1½-2.5" and resemble a dark-satin pincushion with white-tipped pins. The versatile variety works well in both borders and garden beds, and its long stems make it ideal for fresh cutting.

  • Conventional
  • Annual plants grow to 24-30 inches tall
  • Dark maroon to black flowers
  • Long lasting cut flower
  • Tolerates partial shade
  • Attracts butterflies and hummingbirds

Growing Instructions

Instructions - Sow seeds outdoors one week after last frost. Plants prefer average moist soil. Water during dry spells. Remove spent blossoms regularly to prolong blooming.

  • Direct Seed: 1/8" Deep
  • Germination: 10-14 Days
  • Thin: 8-12" Apart
  • Light: Sun/Partial Shade

Ratings & Reviews

7 reviews

Low germ rate in FL


I live in Central FL and had a very low germination rate on these seeds. I direct sowed some and also tried starting some in peat pots in my green house. Never got any seedlings.

Seed Savers Response: Hi Noel, I'm sorry to hear that this seed did not meet your expectation for germination. We do test germination every year to make sure only the best seed leaves our location. Please reach out to our customer service team to be sent a replacement for this seed.

Great quality!


Took about 4 days to germinate indoor with a humidity dome under grow light. Nearly every seed germinated.

Colorful Addition


These are a wonderful, beautiful addition to a garden. I planted them amid some zinnias, which helped to support the thin stems. I plan to grow them again in 2023.

Interesting flower to grow


Amazing flowers. I personally didn't get a ton of germination. But the ones that did germinate were pretty hardy and produced a ton of interestingly shaped and colored flowers. Totally worth it.

If you want to plant something different but beautiful


I planted these indoors in the spring last year. I then planted them with additional seeds next to a sunny spot by the driveway. They were beautiful and bloomed late into the fall. If I could post a picture I would. I was surprised how easy they were.



I was very disappointed last year, the plants only bore a dark lavender flower. I waited to see if there was any slow germination for this year…same unwanted color. I can send photo if needed.

**Please send us a photo of what came up for you. We haven't heard from any of our other customers regarding this issue. You can send the photos to orders@seedsavers.org. Please be sure to put your full name, account and/or order number in the body of the email. Thank you!

Great Flower


Skilled Gardener: 50% Germination. But the flowers are OMG beautiful. I was able to collect seeds for a second season and they came back true. Of the 6 plants I got the first year 2 over wintered. (zone 8).
I would highly recommend for moderate to experienced gardeners. Maybe not great for beginners.