Bear Paw Corn

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Developed by Glenn Thompson of VT, who grew and distributed this popcorn in New England from the 1930s until the mid-1960s. Served in movie theaters and featured at the World’s Fair. Plants 4-5' tall. Pearly off-white kernels. The 4-5" ears are often flattened and split at the silk end, giving them the appearance of a bear’s paw.

  • 70-80 days
  • Organic
  • Popcorn
  • Grows 4-5 feet tall
  • Ears grow to 4-5 inches
  • Ears have the appearance of a bear's paw

This variety works for:

  • Popping

This corn is perfect for stovetop popping:

  • First remove kernels from the cob using a tool or by rubbing two cobs together
  • Add oil and 3 kernels of popcorn to a large pot, cover, and cook on medium-high heat until the kernels pop
  • Take those kernels out of the pot and add the rest of the kernels
  • Cover and take the pot off the heat and wait 30 seconds before replacing the pot on the heat
  • Shake the pot occasionally to make sure all kernels are heated
  • When popping slows after about 2 minutes, take the lid off the pot and remove from heat.

  • Toppings for popcorn include the traditional salt and butter, nutritional yeast, grated cheese, honey, dried herbs and even caramel and chocolate.

    Growing Instructions

    Instructions - Sow seeds outdoors 1" deep after danger of frost has passed. For good pollination and full ears, plant in blocks of 3-6 rows instead of one long row. Thin seedlings to 8" apart. Corn is a heavy feeder and does best in well-drained fertile soil with plenty of water.

    • Direct Seed: 4" Apart
    • Germination: 4-21 Days
    • Rows Apart: 36-48"
    • Light: Full Sun

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    Awesome corn!


    Awesome corn! Popped up nicely and tasted great

    Bear paw is our favorite popcorn variety.


    We have grown bear paw, glass gem, and strawberry popcorn from SSE. Bear paw is our favorite and glass gem shouldn't even be considered for popping. Bear paw kernals are bigger than strawberry popcorn kernals, though both are smaller than the stuff you find in the grocery store. What makes both bear paw and strawberry better than grocery store other than flavor is the fact that the hulls don't get stuck in your teeth nor cut your gums because they are smaller. If you don't care about popping volume but want pretty popcorn, go with strawberry. IF you want better volume of popped corn, go with bear paw. If you want lots of volume and don't care if it tastes like cardboard, go with one from your supermarket.